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It’s hard to work without a workspace.

Whether it be a large corporate office, a favorite coffee shop or an especially comfy chair in your home,

finding the right place to work is more vital than we realize. 

our goal

A coworking space can be a great middle for those looking to maintain control over their work schedule without losing the social, professional and wellness advantages an office can provide, and St. Charles is a great balance between a vibrant downtown and an easy going suburb.


In order to perform your best you need to feel your best. 

Activity is at the heart of a healthy work life balance. This is why we have thoughtfully equipped our offices with premium sit/stand desks and ergonomic chairs. In addition to this, our 24/7 fitness center fits into any part of your day. Our spacious bathrooms with showers will have you back to the task at hand in no time! 

Did we mention all of the amazing walking trails along the river within 10 minutes of the complex?



Simply being surrounded by other working professionals during the day can be a great source of support and motivation. We know that hours alone in front of a screen can take its toll, which is why we implemented several open air spaces designed for collaboration.

How much you want to interact with other members is a personal choice, but we hope that you’ll see our campus as a place to build your professional network, or simply make new friends.  


Though it can be great to avoid a lengthy commute to work, working in the same location for weeks at a time isn’t the best alternative. You might find yourself feeling bored, claustrophobic and in need of a change in scenery. 

Our campus contains a range of different work environments, from quiet floors to open air common spaces and even an expansive patio for outdoor work sessions with views of the St. Charles Fox river

Building a comfortable work environment for all of our members is our top priority. Accomplishing this means understanding that ‘comfort’ means different things to different people.



Members can enjoy 24/7 access to all of our facilities for the ultimate level of scheduling freedom.  

We aim to accommodate every work style preference with clean and secure facilities that are accessible around the clock. Looking to pull an early session or an all-nighter? We got you.

This level of flexibility also extends to our workspaces. Members have the ability to fully customize the layout and furniture of their office to their preference.


Find info on office pricing, availability and amenities at our St. Charles offices.

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