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Included with all memberships, our fitness center is stocked with a wide range of excercise equipment, from medicine balls to cardio machines and weight sets. Sneak in some reps before the day starts, or cap off the evening with a run on the treadmill. On-site lockers provide an extra layer of security for your belongings as you use the facilities. Shower, washer and dryer included.

Consider booking a session with our on-site trainer, Alina!

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Guest Policy: Members are allowed one guest for the fitness center, but must be with them at all times.

N2 workspaces Fitness Center. Includes 24/7 access with floor to ceiling mirrors, strength training and cardio equipment

N2 WORKSPACES membership

Fitness center access

Equipment includes but is not limited to:

Heavy Duty Punching Bag

3 Tier 10 Pair Dumbell Saddle Rack

Bench Press

Multi-Angle Power Bench

Versa Rack

Leg Curl/Extension Machine

Treadmills and Ellipticals

Personal Training

Train with Alina

Alina Ekbarian, Pain and Mobility Specialist

My name is Alina, I’m a certified personal trainer and mobility specialist with a degree in Kinesiology and a decade of experience. I help my clients increase range of motion, alleviate chronic pain, increase muscle, and shed fat all while living your life! I’m all about creating an effective and long term approach to fitness.


60-minute 1-1 personal training

60-minute group training

Mobility training

Nutrition coaching

Contact Info

(818) 926-2520

Facebook/Instagram: @alinaekbarian



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